Car covers

Before you Buy a car cover online read our guidelines about all of the different car cover Fabrics and Materials available for protecting your car, ute, wagon or SUV from weather damage. There are many fabrics available for car covers that all provided different levels of vehicle protection. Our Car Cover Fabric Guide will help you to choose the best Car Cover for your specific storage conditions.

Many of our readers ask for a waterproof car cover. This type of cover has advantages and disadvantages. Coverworld waterproof car covers have a soft inner lining so they will pamper your paintwork and they also have breather vents built into them but because this type of fabric is not breathable they need to removed every 3 to 4 weeks to allow any trapped moisture to escape and to allow the car to breathe. If you want long term storage for your car its much better to get a breathable fabric that is water repellent.

Both our Semi Custom Fit and our custom made to order car covers will provide you with Sun / UV protection and the UV is your cars worst enemy as on a daily basis every day that your car sits in the sun the paint work is being slowly damaged. If choose a Semi custom fit cover they are all sold with a 1 year warranty, but if you choose a custom made car cover they have extended warranties based on your fabric selection

Australian conditions are harsh the UV across Australia is intense and this UV eats away at fabrics quickly, the only way to have a car cover that will last for many years is to make an investment today into a custom made car cover. Or custom made car covers range are surprisingly inexpensive and are made from specialist fabrics engineered to cope with the extreme weather and all of the fabrics are completely breathable which means you can cover your car and leave it covered for months at a time.

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